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Kataritetachi-no-kai, Storytellers’ Association of Japan, founded in 1977 includes around 280 members; tellers, researchers and lovers of storytelling and Kamishibai through out Japan.
Telling stories and performing Kamishibais gives children imagination and freedom in their hearts, and also strength to live. The old tales and stories which we tell, hold the wisdom and the happiness and the wishes to peace having handed down for many generations.
We emphasize the keeping alive of the oral tradition and also its re-creation as modern storytelling.
As a non-profit organization we have run many storytelling activities, such as Story time for children, Seasonal Storytelling events for adults and Tellabration, Storyteller education courses, Stages art performances, Researchers for oral tradition, International exchange through storytelling, the publication of a Journal “The World of Storytelling”, and seasonal Newsletters.
We have organized many events of International exchange with storytellers from overseas.
You are always welcome to contact us if you are interested in our activities and the Association.
Email: storytellers.of.japan@gmail.com
Federation of Asian Storytellers