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Kataritetachi no Kai (Storytellers’ Association of Japan)
OUR ACTIVITIES ARE… Now! Parents, nurses, librarians and many other adults who live with children tell stories from the bottom of the heart .
We are telling stories to give children a big imagination. We are telling stories to give children freedom in their hearts. We are telling stories to give children a beautiful world. We hope that they will grow warmth, kindness, gentleness as a human being as well as strength to live.
Kataritetachi no Kai is a group of tellers, researchers, and lovers of storytelling. We believe that storytelling is essential in growing sensitivity and creativity in children, As well as it is vital to the enrichment of our culture.
Kataritetachi no Kai's many activities include; storytelling gatherings, lectures, research, and exchanges with other storytelling groups in Japan and overseas. Regular meetings are held in every month.
Anyone interested will be welcomed. Please contact us at the address below.

KATARITETACHI NO KAI (Storytellers’ Association of Japan)
3-2-9 Mejiro Toshimaku Tokyo
JAPAN 171-0031
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